Baltimore Burns While Obama Plots


Government-paid agitators are on the streets of Baltimore pouring grease on the fires.

Getting the Islamic Republic Wrong


Having lived in Iran for over a decade, the Western media’s ignorance never ceases to surprise me.

The Israeli Left and Its Captive Media Get Clobbered


Why all the funds smuggled to the leftist Israeli NGOs failed to topple Netanyahu.

The Urgent Business of the Next Government


What the new Netanyahu government should prioritize to safeguard Israeli democracy.

Campus Press Circles the Wagons Around SJP


Guerrilla activism puts SJP on the defensive.

Giuliani Speaks Truth to Power

Richard Branson & Rudy Giuliani Visit "Cavuto" On FOX Business Network

Can a lifelong radical love America?

Obama: Media Overstates Terror Threat


As opposed to the “longer-term problem of climate change,” of course.

Beat the Media, Win the White House


2016 won’t just be a race against Hillary, but against the media.

Islamic Violence, the MSM, and I


My response to the media.

Raymond Ibrahim Interview: The Islamic Mafia and More


Truth talk with Shillman Fellow.