Andrew Klavan: How the Media See the Midterms


A Truth Revolt video.

Quakers, Ferguson and Palestinians

Pro-Palestinian protesters take part in a demonstration against the violence in the Gaza strip, in Lyon

The twisted myth of a “common struggle.”

Palestinians Being Evicted in Gaza


Guess why the press isn’t talking about it.

Why Obama Hates Netanyahu

obama-evil-eye 2

The Israeli prime minster has become an honorary Republican.

Hysterical Media Tell Us to Calm Down


The Democrats now oppose the “politics of fear”?

A Bowla Ebola Idiocy


Why NBC’s Nancy Snyderman violated her quarantine to quell a soup craving.

Hillary’s $100 Million Hollywood Makeover

Key Speakers At The Clinton Global Initiative

What it takes to give “Madame Secretary” a human face.

‘Hold On, They Got a White Dude’ in Memphis


Laughter accompanies a black mob beating a white victim into unconsciousness.

ISIS Beheadings Rouse the West


Gaza remains the West’s blind spot, even though the Hamas-ISIS parallels are glaringly obvious.

The ‘War on Black People': But Who Is Winning?


The horror in St. Louis the media refuses to tell the truth about.