The Left’s Top 6 Boston Bombing Lies


What progressives want you to think about the Islamic terror in Boston.

Excusing Jihad In Boston


The media yet again runs interference for Islamic terror.

Illusions About Why Muslim Brothers Kill


Brace yourselves for the Left’s suicidal narrative about why Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev murdered the unbelievers.

Jihad in Boston?

Boston Marathon Explo_Lieb

The politics of a terror attack.

The Most Powerful Names in Arab Media


A sphere of influence that will only continue to grow.

None Dare Call It Islamism


How the media’s control of language has sabotaged our ability to fight our enemy.

Terrorist Bill Ayers: From Bombs to Obama


Ayers realized at one point that someone like Obama could do far more damage to America than he himself could ever do as a terrorist.

Rottener and Rottener in Denmark


Another journalist piles onto Lars Hedegaard.

Where’s the Outrage Over Obama’s Lies?


Something is missing when the media and voters shrug away a president’s deception — what is it?

Bill Maher vs. Bush, Bob Woodward vs Obama: A Tale of Two Reigns of Terror


The left has no objective principles or standards. All it does is defend its agenda and attack the agenda of others. Its moral principles are those of a watchdog that doesn’t know right from wrong, but does know who to bark at and whose hand to lick.