Get Ready for Al Jazeera America


How the jihadist equivalent of Pravda is already being embraced by the journalistic establishment.

The Axis of Evil: Alive and Well


And 90 miles from the U.S. homeland.

Socialists on the Campaign Trail

It’s election season in Norway.

Israeli ‘Aggression’ in the Middle East?


The warped perspective of the American media.

Murder and Double Standards


The horrifying story of two white kids who were viciously tortured, raped and killed by blacks — and how Sharpton, Jackson and the media yawned.

Paula Deen and the Fundamental Transformation of America


What the Deen controversy is really all about.

The Heart of Erdogan’s Darkness


Turkey approaches the precipice of authoritarianism.

Media vs. Pro-Israel Advocates


The more pro-Israel the figure, the more vicious the attack.

AP Boss: “What I Learned From Our Journalists Should Alarm Everyone in this Room”


The media spent 8 years shrieking that President Bush was turning America into a nightmarish totalitarian state and then spent 5 years furiously agitating for a man who actually is.

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 17

What a “moderate” Palestinian leader says he would do if he had a nuke.