Billionaire Swindlers Line Up for ObamaCare Cash


Why corporate con-artists under investigation are preparing for a windfall.

ObamaCare Puts Criminals on the Medicaid Train


Many of the 650,000 inmates released from prison each year will be eligible for something else: health care by way of Medicaid, thanks to ObamaCare.

Medicare Not Paying for Diagnostic Cancer Tests, May Cover Sex Change Operations


In the UK thousands of patients are starved to death in hospitals, but unnecessary and wasteful sex change procedures are paid for. In Canada, it’s the same story.

Obama Picks Welfare over Seniors, Will Cut Medicare, But Not Medicaid


Death panels, yes. Chicago voters getting a job, no.

A Nation of Takers Hurtles Toward the Fiscal Abyss


Obama shows the future of the country is the last thing on his mind.

The Promise of Paul Ryan


No candidate is better positioned to educate the country about its looming entitlement crisis.

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Economic Chaos Ahead


Is an economic collapse the only way we will come to our senses?

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$1 Billion for New Health Care Jobs


ObamaCare seeks more participants’ involvement in Medicare and Medicaid.

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Punishing the Wealthy in Obama’s World


The true reason the Left wants to eat the rich.

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Rep. Paul Ryan clashes with Obama over budget –

Rep. Paul D. Ryan says he is determined to make sure the Republican Party is viewed as “the alternative party, not the opposition party.” That is a goal President Obama embraced when he visited House Republicans at their policy retreat in Baltimore last week, and he singled out Ryan as someone he would like to […]