Illegal Alien Benefit Free-for-All


How Obama’s amnesty will give non-citizen law-breakers access to a “wide array” of programs — and an advantage in the job market.

Obama Budget Cuts Medicare, Boosts Medicaid

oibama grandma

Wealth redistribution from senior citizens to welfare voters.

Under ObamaCare, Seniors to Receive Worse Treatment than Medicaid Patients


Doctors will be paid less to treat a senior than to treat someone on Medicaid

No Privacy for Obamacare Patients


And watch how they lie about it.

The Unaffordable Mandate Act


The key word is choice.

Do Americans Prefer Deception?


Do employers really pay half of all Medicare and Social Security taxes? Or do workers pay it all?

Medicare Spent $28 Million on Drugs for 4,139 Illegal Aliens


That comes out to around $7,000 per illegal alien,

ObamaCare’s Dirty Little Secret — on The Glazov Gang


Get ready for the lines you see at the DMV.

Entitlement Madness: Is There a Way Out?


Can budget-busting programs be reined in before they collapse?

ObamaCare: Exposing Citizens to Identity Theft, Fraud

Definition of fraud

House Republicans’ warning to America.