Putting ‘Memory’ Back in the Next Memorial Day


Why we brought our warriors’ stories to the silver screen in “The Hornet’s Nest.”

CAIR Commemorated Memorial Day by Attacking American Soldiers


The difference between CAIR and Al Qaeda is…

Why Does Google Have to be Berated into Recognizing Memorial Day?

Google's home page from last year

Google went out of its way to honor leftists like Caesar Chavez

The VA Scandal: A Shadow over Memorial Day


The Left’s message to our veterans: don’t hold your breath for accountability.

Memorial Day 2013: Jihad Is Stronger Than Ever

"Flags In" 2012

Honor the fallen by acknowledging the ongoing war that they have died for.

A Memorial Day for Islamic Terror


The best way to remember the dead is to tell the truth about their killers.

Germany, Jews and Israel


70 years after the Holocaust, Germans still promote blood libels against the Jews.

Obama’s Memorial Day Photo-Op Blocks Families, Vets from Vietnam Memorial for 7 Hours


A speech by the Narcissist-in-Chief ruins a scared day for bereaved family members and former soldiers.

A Day to Remember


Memorial Day’s place in the national memory.

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