Why is Michael Bloomberg Funding BDS and Attacks on Israel?


The group described Israel as a “temporary Jewish apartheid state.”

Hey, Bloomberg: Mind Your Own Crumbling City


The real reason the former NYC mayor lashed out at “rural” Colorado.

Bloomberg: “I Have Earned My Place in Heaven”

Not photoshopped

“You’re a rock star. People yelling out of cabs, ‘Hey, way to go!’ ”

Bloomberg vs. the Koch Brothers


According to Harry Reid, some “out-of-state billionaires” are more equal than others.

Obama’s FDA Bans Margarine, Food that Tastes Good


If only we ban enough things, we’ll reach liberal utopia.

Bloomberg Family Values


Georgina, 30, a professional equestrian first announced she was pregnant with Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s first grandchild

Bloomberg Agrees With Me, New York Could Be the Next Detroit


During Bloomberg’s three terms, pension costs have ballooned from $1.4 billion to $8.3 billion.

Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group Imploding as 50 Mayors Leave


50 mayors have checked out of Hotel Bloomberg, some of whom were arrested, one for demanding gay sex at gunpoint

Bloomberg’s Political Abuse of New York City Resources

Michael-Bloomberg NRA

Bloomberg has created his own private Anti-NRA group using city resources and backed by his own personal fortune.

Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns is Run Using Taxpayer Money


Obama’s OFA is bad enough, but imagine if it was using government servers.