War on Salt Ends in Defeat; Bloomberg Hardest Hit


“Lowering sodium intake too much may actually increase a person’s risk of some health problems,” Brian Strom, a public health professor at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, said

Bloomberg Bemoans Special Interests in DC, Threatens to Punish Senators Who Won’t Do What He Says

Michael-Bloomberg NRA

The NRA has nearly 5 million members.That’s more than 10 times the number of people who voted for Bloomberg in the last mayoral election and 100 times his margin of victory.

Soda-Obsessed Mayor of Illiterate City to Convene Climate Change Summit in World’s Rape Capital


Mayor Michael Bloomberg will convene a summit of city mayors to battle Climate Change in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is known as the rape capital of the world.

Mayor Bloomberg Doubled New York City Debt to $110 Billion


Bloomberg isn’t any better at economic planning, he just has more revenue to play with, thanks to Wall Street and the tourism trade. Take those two things away and the city is toast.

The Implosion of Mayor Bloomberg


“Michael Bloomberg must have hoped that Sandy would be his own 9/11. A population in shock turned to the mayor in their hour of need. He dominated the airwaves; he issued decrees. He seized the occasion to speak out on the big issues: climate change, endorsing a president. It must have looked for a while as if he had done a Rudy and resuscitated a tired mayoralty, relaunching a national career. Perhaps a cabinet appointment in a second Obama administration, perhaps another shot at an independent presidential campaign.”

Stalinist Science at the New York Times


“We have evolved to need coercion,” claims leftist professor.

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The Fat Nanny State


The origins of Bloomberg’s war on soda.

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New York’s Finest Foil Another Islamist Jihadist Attack


CAIR’s mission to undermine undercover anti-terrorism efforts receives another blow.

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Faisal’s Terror Ties


An international plot unfolds.

Denying Jihad — Again


The mainstream media can’t find Islam in the Times Square car bomb attempt.