Michelle Obama’s Food Police Take on Global Warming


That means less food and more expensive food

+1 Million Children Stopped Eating School Lunches Because of Michelle Obama


A decline in the 1.6 million students who pay full price for meals

The Radicals Who Rule The Democratic Party — on The Glazov Gang


Where have all the true “liberals” gone?

Michelle Obama Considers Hanoi Jane a “Role Model”


“There’s Jane Fonda, a beautiful, engaged, politically savvy, sharp woman.”

News Networks Covered Michelle’s Birthday 2X as Benghazi Report


10 minutes on Michelle’s birthday vs. just 2 minutes on Benghazi

ObamaCare: A Christmas Gift from the Poor to the Rich


Michelle and Barack want you to deck the halls with class hatred and demonization.

The Obama Who Stole Thanksgiving


The leftist hijacking of Thanksgiving.

$600 Mil ObamaCare Website Co. Exec, Michelle Obama Pal, Visited White House


Townes-Whitley and her husband even enjoyed “Christmas with the Obamas” at the White House

Top Exec at ObamaCare Website Co. was in Radical Black Groups with Michelle Obama


Toni Townes-Whitley was front and center every time CGI Federal received huge contracts from Obama Inc

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Stamps Destroyed for Pic of Unsafe Headstand w/o Helmet


Unsafe acts on the stamps include a cannonball dive, a girl balancing on a slippery rock and a headstand without a helmet