The Fantastical Myth of ‘Middle-Class’ Joe Biden


The wheeler-dealer vice president and his family have reaped the benefits of public office for nearly a half-century.

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Defining the Middle Class

Tait Trussell is a national award-winning writer, former vice-president of the American Enterprise Institute and former Washington correspondent for The Wall Street Journal.


Progressives wrongly portray a middle class with suppressed earnings.

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Obama on the (Class) Warpath

Jacob Laksin is a senior writer for Front Page Magazine. He is co-author, with David Horowitz, of The New Leviathan (Crown Forum, 2012), and One-Party Classroom (Crown Forum, 2009). Email him at and follow him on Twitter at @jlaksin.


The president bets on redistribution to guarantee his reelection.

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Black Opportunity Destruction


How political correctness is holding black students back.

On the Road to Trouble


How will our government pay all its debts?

The Educated Muslim Terrorist


Why so many jihadists are Westernized and come from the upper middle class.

Have We Stopped Trying to Make Good People? – by Dennis Prager


The most important question a society can ask.