The Post-American World War


The battle will either end with the destruction of the U.S. or its reemergence as a world power.

Silence as the Christians Die


What explains the West’s shameful indifference?

Beware of the Revisionists


How Israel’s enemies are distorting the truth about the Arab world’s genocidal war against the Jewish State.

Persecuted on All Sides: Christians in the Modern World


A new book chronicles the shocking global religious cleansing of the followers of Christ.

Palestinian Stone Attacks and Double Standards


Only when it is used against Israelis is stoning not seen as a violation of human rights.

Liberals Ignore Middle East Racism & Discrimination


It’s time the Left end its bigotry against the Jewish State.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: 2013

Mideast Egypt Sectarian Clashes

In the land where Christianity once spread the fastest, it is now dying the fastest.

Pro-Gay and Anti-Israel? ‘Pinkwashing’ to the Rescue


UCLA hosts another hate-fest against the only safe country in the Middle East for homosexuals.

The War For Oil Myth

no blood for oil protest

America won the war in Iraq, but China got the oil.

The Man Shaping Obama’s Strategy on Israel


After pushing the president’s disastrous Arab Spring policy, Benjamin Rhodes guides the president in the Holy Land.