Jews From Muslim Lands: The Forgotten Refugees


The Middle East’s shameful expulsion of Judaism.

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 1

Palestinian TV praises man who beat 84-year-old man to death as a “giant hero.”

Crucified Again


A Shillman Fellow’s book exposes Islam’s new war on Christians.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: The Spring Offensive

Mideast Egypt

Why is the Obama administration worrying about the “human rights” of jihadis responsible for killing the most Christians?

Mideast Red Star Rising


How Obama’s surrender in the region spawned China’s merger with the Axis of Evil.

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 23

The official Palestinian view of sportsmanship with Jewish “Satans” and “Zionist sons of b—-es.”

Raymond Ibrahim Exposes Islam’s ‘Rule of Numbers’ on Fox News

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Where Islam flourishes, violence and destruction take root.

Obama’s Years of Collaboration with Terror Supporters


Journalist Patrick Poole exposes the White House’s ties with jihad promoters — and how they’ve shaped U.S. policy.

Obama’s Iraq Surrender


The administration squanders the hard-won victory handed down by President Bush — and sets off a Mideast meltdown.

Christian Persecution Myth?


How the present debunks anti-Christian academics’ claims that early followers of Jesus made up stories of martyrdom.