Obama’s Foreign Policy Incompetence


Congressman Ed Royce speaks at the Freedom Center’s West Coast retreat.

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Israel: The Only Safe Place for Christians in the Middle East


Religious Left goes on full attack after Israeli ambassador exposes who the real oppressors of the Palestinians are.

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The Christian Era in the Middle East Is Over


Only one Middle Eastern country remains a safe haven for Christians.

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Courtroom Terror


Exposing the false argument that Islamic terrorism is the “weapon of the weak.”

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The Transcript of Horowitz’s Speech at UNC


The speech that provoked a walk-out at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: February 2012


The horrific Islamic terror against Christians continues to escalate — but the Western media remains disinterested.

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Richard Falk’s Imagination Gone Wild


Anti-Israel professor comes to Stanford to explain all that is needed for peace in the Middle East.

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To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran


The heavy price of inaction.

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The ‘Tide of War’ Is Not Receding


Why Obama’s projections on the Middle East are wishful fantasies.

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Raymond Ibrahim Addresses CAMERA


The Freedom Center Shillman Journalism Fellow discusses the deadly perils of being Christian in the Middle East.