Raymond Ibrahim and Pat Robertson Discuss Muslim Persecution of Christians

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Will Western Christians fight back against Islam’s terrorization of their coreligionists?

Stephen Hawking’s Moral Black Hole


The laws of the famed physicist’s warped universe and their devious implications for Israel and Iran.

Islamic Forced Conversions—Past and Present


Embracing Islam by the sword is not limited to ancient history.

Raymond Ibrahim Discusses New Book with Glenn Beck

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Shillman Journalism fellow relays the shocking truth about Christian persecution in the Muslim world.

Israel and the Arab Gulf States: An Undeclared Alliance


United by foes.

Holocaust of Christians in the Muslim World on the Horizon


Islamic Jihad sharpens its fangs, as the West turns a blind eye.

The Mass Exodus of Christians from the Muslim World


Reliving the true history of how the Christian Middle East was forced into Islamic darkness.

The Obama Doctrine: Politics First & American Sin


When anti-Americanism and electoral opportunism collide, the results are deadly.

Raymond Ibrahim and Robert Spencer on Christian Slaughter in the Muslim World

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Two leading experts on Islam shed light on the gruesome reality of the Middle East today.

For Christians, Spring Begins with Persecution


From Morocco to India the followers of Jesus are target #1.