George W. Obama Part 7

Remember when President Obama railed against “sweet-heart deals” for Halliburton? Yeah, about that…
Click here. Kellog Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, just got a no-bid contract to support the U.S. military in Iraq worth up to $568 million. Administration spokesman and partisan commentators will argue that the army awarded the contract, not President Obama, but [...]

Yes, Calvin, Conservatism Shouldn’t Abandon Cultural Issues, It Should Just Be Smart about Pursuing Them

In reaction to my ongoing dialogue with Mary Grabar regarding drug legalization, conservatism and the counterculture, my NewsReal colleague Calvin Freiburger responded fairly to a poorly-worded statement of mine. Calvin highlighted these closing remarks for criticism:
A conservatism that can win is one which understands itself and defines itself as a political movement, not a cultural [...]

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Pakistan In Peril – by Stephen Brown


Military coup brewing against President Zardar.