Evidence Shows Minnesota Somali Explosion that Killed 2 Linked to Al Qaeda


Two bodies were found in the rubble, and fourteen people were hospitalized

Welcome to Black History Month 2014


Please ignore the crime and violence.

Mohammed in Top 100 Boy Names in Minnesota


Farah Mohamed Beledi became the second Minnesotan suicide bomber in Somalia, when he tried to detonate himself at a government checkpoint.

Muslim Somalis Attack African-American Students in Minnesota High School


“I know it’s a pride thing between Muslims and black people,” she said. “They want their pride back for something. I don’t know.”

Santorum Sweep


Surprise triple victory for the former senator highlights a race that defies prediction.

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Israel: A Sin Against God?


The Religious Left adds new weaponry to its call “for peace.”

Beck Hits Back At Media Matters

It’s nice to see Glenn Beck finally hit back at the George Soros steno pool known as Media Matters for America. Media Matters, of course, is the left-wing character assassination factory that day in and day out smears conservatives. Its mission is to stamp out what it calls “conservative misinformation.”
Beck noted that the Huffington Post [...]

Joel Rogers: Original Mastermind of the “Green Economy”


In 1992, Joel Rogers co-founded the New Party, a Marxist coalition that endorsed and helped elect left-wing political candidates; one of its most noteworthy members in the mid-1990s was Barack Obama. After the New Party closed its doors in 1997, it was reinvented the following year by Joel Rogers’ partner, Daniel Cantor, as the Working Families Party, which became a powerful front group for ACORN. Rogers has […]

9-11 Conspiracy Theorist Hits the Road


Truther-philosopher David Ray Griffin aims to mainstream the “9-11 Truth Movement”

“Demonizing” Government Leads to Violence?


Get a grip, Mr. Clinton.