Emboldening Iran


The Islamic Republic’s actions in the wake of the nuke deal show the Mullahs smell blood in the water.

Russia and Iran Stoke the Flames of War

An S-300 missile

A warning to the West from Putin.

A New Strategy Needed on North Korea

Kim Jong Un

It will take more than words of condemnation to bring the nuclear rogue state to heel.

Another Palestinian Fraud Exposed

kid killed by hamas

The pro-Hamas media feed the terrorists’ propaganda machine.

What to Do Now About Iran


Israel’s remaining options.

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Israel: Why Land Matters, Part I


The fatal flaw of the peace process.

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Obama Leaks Israel’s Attack Plan?


U.S. accused of “targeted assassination” of Israeli operations against the Islamic Republic.

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The Venezuelan Missile Crisis


Iran’s carefully crafted alliance may prove useful sooner than later.

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Ralph Peters: Terrorizing terrorists – NYPOST.com

As the administration fiddles and fumbles with its soft- on-terror policies at home, one Obama-blessed campaign abroad is hitting al Qaeda and its franchises hard: the drone war. Drones work. They kill terrorists. Important terrorists. And we don't have to squabble about where to put their shredded bodies on trial. For all the billions poured […]

The Deal for Gilad Shalit – by Jacob Shrybman


As a new immigrant to Israel about to enter the army and living in Sderot, I have some questions.