Massachusetts Dumps Health Exchange that Inspired ObamaCare, Politico Blames Romney


We don’t have media bias anymore. We have straight shameless propaganda.

The Double Standard on Taping Mitt Romney and John Kerry


Mainstream media liberals are fond of using taped statements to destroy people

Obama Still Insisting Romney was Wrong about Russia

US President Barack Obama and Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

“Russia is threatening its neighbors not out of strength but out of weakness.”

Obama’s Cold War Denial


The president’s dismissal of Russia’s threat comes back to haunt him.

71% of Obama Voters Regret Voting for Obama


…but the vast majority of them would still vote for Obama again.

One out of Five Liberals Would Vote for Mitt Romney

images (1)

The poll of registered voters shows Romney at 49 percent and Obama at 45 percent in the rematch

Al Gore Now Richer than Romney, Thanks to Oil, Not Green Energy


100 million dollars of Al Gore’s estimated 300 million dollar net worth comes from Qatar, an oil tyranny that funds terrorists and he got that money by selling the political access that he used to illegitimately gain access to 60 million viewers for the Current TV cable network.

Obama’s Mail Bag


The president shares a few of his most memorable post-election correspondences.

Obama Doubles Down on His First Term


The president is as arrogant and ambitious as ever.

A Conservative Sellout Is Not the Solution


The rush to centrism is a rush to political suicide for the Right.