The 53% vs. the 99%


Obama doesn’t believe that only 47% of Americans are victims.

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Team Obama Should Apologize for Libeling Sheldon Adelson


An American patriot who should be celebrated, not attacked by the president of the United States.

Why Is Obama Still Likable?


What might be causing the president’s strangely high poll numbers.

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Matthews a Few Race Cards Short of a Full Deck


Has the MSNBC host gone too crazy, too soon?

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Media Yawn at Obama Hurricane Reaction


Continuing a long track record of covering the President’s non-response to natural disasters.

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Mitt Romney’s Night: ‘We Believe in America’


Republican Convention ends with stellar performances from party heavy-hitters.

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Electrified RNC: ‘We Can Do This’


A night of intensely anticipated speakers brings down the house.

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Obama: The Great Divider


The President has spent more time talking about bipartisanship than actually pursuing it.

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‘We Built It’ Resounds at RNC’s First Night


GOP convention kicks off with guns blazing and a unified message.

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The Ryan ‘Bounce’ Is Real


Contrary to the Democrats’ spin, Paul Ryan is proving an asset to the Romney campaign.

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