Medicare May Be Obama’s ‘Waterloo’


Republicans confront a golden opportunity to address the forbidden “third rail” of politics.

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Ryan Plan Would Save Medicare; Obamacare Will Destroy It


Why Obama’s new central attack against the Romney campaign is a failure.

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The Promise of Paul Ryan


No candidate is better positioned to educate the country about its looming entitlement crisis.

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Paul Ryan: A Serious VP Pick for a Serious Election


A competition of philosophies is now underway.

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Caroline Glick: Israel on the Eve of U.S. Elections

Mitt Romney, Benjamin Netanyahu

The Middle East expert speaks on American-Israeli relations.

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Romney Takes Tough Stance in Israel


Republican candidate indicates he’ll treat America’s closest Mideast ally as a friend.

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The Media’s Racial Prison


Campaign race rhetoric heats up — and reveals the bigotry in the leftist mind.

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Obama’s Leaks and Their Catastrophic Consequences


How long before someone pays the ultimate price?

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Smoke and Mirrors on the Campaign Trail


What Romney must do to break through the fog.

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Unemployment Numbers Scam


Terrible April economic figures disappoint — but what statistical gimmicks hide is even bleaker.

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