Beyond Ferguson


Race-based violence in the rest of the country — and what can’t be said about the perpetrators.

Teen Caught on Video in Black Mob Beating of White Student —- Acquitted

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Not enough evidence to convict the assailant? The film says otherwise.

The Ferguson Lie Comes Undone


The irrelevance of “white racism” to the chaos in Missouri.

Snitchgate — Sharpton Is Still Lying


The real reason the MSNBC host “cooperated” with the FBI.

Black Mob Violence in Rochester: Get Used To It


Why are police refusing to take seriously “True Goon’s” video-taped assault on a defenseless woman?

More Black Mob Violence Denial in Albany

bow tie cinema schenectady slk

The local press reacts to the racist scaremongers.

Beaten for Being Gay in a Black Neighborhood

Picture 10

A disturbing pattern of hate crimes — and media silence.

Death and Taxes


The secret heart of government.

Anti-Wilders Mob Goes Mad


The new face of old-fashioned European violence and totalitarianism.

Trayvon Martin and the Politics of Racial Guilt


The race hustlers set out to convict George Zimmerman based on narrative, not evidence.

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