Did Morsi’s Flirtation with Iran Lead to his Overthrow?

Ahmadinejad is first Iranian president to visit Egypt in decades

According to a senior security source, the breaking point between Morsi and the generals came in February, when the outgoing Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, visited Cairo.

Obama’s Uses Foreign Aid to Egypt for Muslim Brotherhood Leverage


Since the 2011 Egyptian revolution, the White House has fought restrictions proposed by legislators on the nearly $1.6 billion in annual U.S. aid to Egypt.

Hamas Paper Claims Morsi Overthrow was a Jewish Conspiracy

zionist conspiracy

Shamala states that the coup was not done by the Egyptian people who are united and hate division

Morsi Regime Brought in Hamas Terrorists to Kill Protesters

Hamas militants hold a poster depicting Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood as they celebrate in Gaza City after he was declared Egypt's president

The Egyptian military may have turned on Morsi, but his Hamas cousins who broke him out of jail back during the original revolution still have his back

Bashar Assad, Kept in Power by a Theocracy, Condemns Political Islam


Assad condemning “political Islam” is nothing short of hilarious.

Senator Leahy Demands Cutoff of Aid After Morsi Overthrow


At least Leahy is consistent. Consistently in favor of arming and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt Takes Al Jazeera Off the Air


Qatar’s Al Jazeera played a prominent role in promoting and manufacturing the Arab Spring.

Morsi Out as President, Liberal-Military Coalition Rule In


So what does the fall of Morsi really mean? It means the final end of the Arab Spring.

Morsi Under House Arrest, Travel Ban Imposed

Plainclothes policemen walk with protesters during clashes in the Kit Kat n

The military is using liberal protesters to escape any accusations of a coup and the liberal protesters suddenly find themselves on the same side as the police and the military.

Morsi and Military Both Eager to “Sacrifice Their Blood”


I’m sure the Egyptian Red Crescent will be thrilled at Morsi’s eagerness to be a blood donor. I hear he’s a B negative.