Imagine if Mohammed Had Never Existed


Egypt’s second-largest political movement, the Salafist al-Nur party, said it will produce a movie about the life of Mohammed, titled “what would the world look like without Mohammed.”

Google Exec Arrested in Brazil Over Mohammed Video


The “Innocence of Muslims” ruling resulted from a lawsuit by a group representing Brazil’s Muslim community, the National Union of Islamic Entities, which claimed the film violates the country’s constitutional guarantee of religious freedom for all faiths.

Muslim ‘Offenses’ Are About Power, Not Words


Why, even if we removed all “offensive” cartoons and movies on the planet, members of the ‘”religion of peace” would still riot.

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Obama: “The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam” (VIDEO)


Coptic Christians are fleeing Egypt at an unprecedented rate accomplishing Obama’s vision of an Islamist Egypt.

Pakistani Cabinet Minister Offers Al-Qaeda $100,000 to Kill Mohammed Filmmaker


Bilour is a major leader in the Awami National Party, which stands for, “Islamic socialism, Public sector government, and economic egalitarianism.”

Framed Filmmaker in Hiding to Escape Muslim Head Hunters


An innocent man wrongly linked to “Innocence of Muslims” now has a bounty on his head.

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Charlie Hebdo Prepares For Violent Backlash


A French magazine takes a stand for free speech even though its Paris offices have already been firebombed.

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Dumbest Professor in the World Explains Why Mohammed Filmmaker Should Go To Jail


“My initial tweet about Bacile, the person said to be responsible for the film mocking the prophet Mohammed, was not because I am against the First Amendment. If there is anyone who values free speech, it is a tenured professor!”

Coptic Christians Now Under Siege in America

christ church fire 2

Isn’t it wonderful how Islam bridges nations and cultures. Yesterday Copts were being persecuted in Egypt, today they’re in danger in California. That’s just one of the ways that Islam keeps enriching our lives.

How Islam Killed Greco-Roman Civilization


Where Islam enters, civil society soon exits.

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