Clinton Charity Scandal: At Least There Won’t Be an Email Trail


The “right-wing conspiracy” at work again? Or just Clinton corruption?

Bill Whittle: You’re Not A Liberal!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 12.16.01 AM

A Truth Revolt video.

Thanks to Obama, Iran’s Economy Is Booming


The Mullahs are back in business.

Hillary’s Greed is Destroying Her Presidential Campaign


The Clintons can’t leave money on the table.

Pay Day for the Mullahs


The U.S. makes its first half-billion-dollar payment to the Iranian regime — and its military.

Killing the Middle Class


The Federal Reserve continues to sign on to Obama’s war on the poor.

Money Flows Back to the Mullahs Thanks to Obama


How the West’s appeasement of Iran is already setting back human rights in the region.

Recognition of “Palestine” May be Golden Era for Money Laundering, Smuggling and Terror


Diplomatic relations can provide a suitable cover for the quiet transfer of large amounts of money

John Kerry’s Jobs Program for Would-Be Jihadists


Hundreds of millions to be wasted on the discredited theory that poverty causes terrorism.

Kardashian vs. Obama


How much success is too much?