M.I.A. Hurts Her Appeal by Talking

If you’ve been to a bar or club in the past two years, chances are that you’ve heard a song by M.I.A., a hip-hop artist with a cool African beat to her addictive songs that are politically provocative. Her biggest song, “Paper Planes,” was upbeat and catchy even while vividly describing acts of robbery and [...]

50 Viewing Choices for Memorial Day

In no particular order, here are 50 films and television events that are worth your time and which to one degree of realism or another, honor the sacrifice we remember today:
Saving Private Ryan
Besides bringing the sights and sounds of war to the screen like no other film, this movie asks the audience what they have [...]

The Martians Among Us


It’s not visitors from outer space we have to worry about.

The Religious Left’s Prophecies of Doom – by Mark D. Tooley


Since when are Methodist Bishops qualified to pontificate on environmental policy?