Of Politicians and Moral Courage


How Obama’s lack of moral clarity will make it impossible for him to address threats to America.

Stephen Hawking & the Making of an Immoral Decision

Scientists Move Hands Of Nuclear "Doomsday Clock" Forward

What causes intelligent people to make stupid judgments about Israel?

Jeff Sessions: GOP Must Make the Moral Case for Conservatism

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Keynote speaker at Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat crystallizes the only way leftist destruction can be stopped.

A Morally-Confused Marine


A perfect example of the ethical degradation leftism has wrought over the last half century.

The Tired Repetition of a “Truce”


How the Left’s moral equivocation threatens Israel’s survival.

The Road to Freedom


How to win the fight for free enterprise.

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The IDF: The Moral Army


The most humane army in the world — and in human history.

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