Talking About ‘the Moroccan Issue’ Is Not a Crime


A democracy must allow for the frank discussion of the problems it faces.

Moroccan Islamists Throw Chairs at Kissing Couples

muslim feminism

“We are an Islamic country and kissing in public is forbidden. These are atheists who are acting against Islam.”

Moroccans Protest Against Muslim Brotherhood Government


“We’re protesting because of high prices of milk, meat and now petrol,” 48-year-old Hassan Marrakchi said.

Muslim Brotherhood Taking Morocco into Repressive Islamist Territory

muslim brotherhood morocco

Ahmed Assid, Amazigh activist, criticized the attempts of Islamists in Morocco to infiltrate women’s rights organizations to make them obedient to Islamist associations, replacing the demands of women with their own demands.

Muslim Brotherhood Government Now Experiencing Blowback in Morocco


Chanting, the “people want the fall of the government” and calling for the departure of Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, the activists marched through the colonial-era streets of downtown Rabat in a light rain.

Morocco PM Claims He Isn’t Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood Says He Is


The problem with Benkirane’s denial is that not only does his Justice and Development Party look and sound like the other Islamist fronts for the Brotherhood in the region, and it is widely known as the local Brotherhood franchise, but the Muslim Brotherhood’s own site described the JDP as its offshoot in an article with the topic “MB Around the World.”

Forcing Women to Marry Their Rapists


A young Moroccan girl left with no alternative but to take her own life to avoid this fate.

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Anti-Israel Hypocrisy at the UN

United Nations Assembly

Human-rights abuser Morocco leads the international campaign to dismantle Israel.

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Deadly ‘Diversity’


Police in a Western European capital admit they have “lost the city” to marauding immigrants.

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Missing Terrorists


Yes, sorry, it’s about Islam.