Muslim Brotherhood Kills Its Own


Why the bloodshed works to their advantage.

The Brotherhood’s Reach For Jihad


Ousted Islamists organize their counter-attack — with the help of Al Qaeda and Hamas.

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Obama’s Enforcer In Egypt


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Egypt's new president-elect, Muslim Brot

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Iran’s Hope for an ‘Islamic Awakening’ in Egypt


The dangerous power vacuum left by an absence of U.S. leadership.

Hoping Against Hope for Equality in Egypt


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When The Brotherhood Fell — on The Glazov Gang


Tiffany Gabbay, Dwight Schultz and Jennifer Serrano shed light on why Egyptians threw Morsi out — and why Obama is upset about it.

Exposed: The Final Conversation Between Morsi and Egyptian Military

Picture 5

Guess who the ousted Muslim Brotherhood president warns has his back?