An Islamic Center Comes to Santa Barbara

Computer-generated model of Goleta mosque.

But where is the funding coming from?

The Palestinian Hijacking of Rachel’s Tomb


How UN-funded textbooks are teaching children that the Jewish holy site is a shrine to a Muslim.

Terrorist Recruiters in America


And how the ACLU abets them.

California Mosque with Collapsing Ceilings, Raw Sewage, Claims Freedom of Religion


“Freedom of religion is guaranteed by our constitution,” said Saadi Nasim.

Arab Judge Bans Israeli Mosque Ad that Offends Muslims


“Instead of silencing the mosque in in Yafo, the committee has decided to silence the voice of Yafo residents.”

Bill de Blasio’s Open Door for Terrorists


The leftist running for mayor of New York wants to shut down NYPD counterterrorism.

Boston Terror Mosque


Why are the most powerful people in Massachusetts embracing a hotbed of violent Islamic jihad?

Inside the Turkish Protests


Freedom fighters dare to battle for the separation of mosque and state.

The Turkish Summer?


An Islamist Prime Minister faces a volcano of protests in the streets.

Mother of London Beheader Tricked into Converting Him to Islam Under the Guise of Deradicalization


When he returned, however, he was even more “radicalised” and his mother could no longer “get through to him”