If You’re Reading This, You’re Racist


The racist lunatics have taken over the anti-racist asylum.

Washington Post Hires Author of “Republican War on Science” its Own Book Reviewer Called a Conspiracy Theorist

He also took 4th place in the most punchable face in America contest

“Ill-formulated, overwrought and surprisingly unconvincing”

Remember the KBR Iraq Shipping Container Rape Story? It was a Lie


Rachel Maddow, who used Jones’s story to accuse thirty Republican senators of being rape apologists, never responded

‘Panicked’ Soros Bankrolls Obama Campaign


Did left-wing ‘Mother Jones’ spike a story revealing the radical mega-funder’s true state of mind?

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Only Journalists Offended by Romney’s “47 Percent” Remarks


Who is it really that’s out of touch?

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Romney’s ‘Secret Video’ and Dem Politics of Distraction


The presidential candidate should not apologize for opposing the culture of dependency.

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Mother Jones and Keith Ellison Lie About Republican Platform


For Ellison, the anti-Shariah plank was part of a broader narrative of exclusion. “Why do they want to become the party of hate? …They’re demonstrating hatred toward Muslims. They’re demonstrating hostility toward women. They act like they don’t like gay people.”

Transparency Ends at the White House Door


Whistleblowers beware in the Obama era.

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