Bad Company


Redford’s new movie glamorizes the Weathermen.

Hollywood’s Undying Love for Communist Angela Davis


A vicious totalitarian’s legacy is whitewashed by some of the country’s biggest celebrities.

Jamie Foxx Celebrates Murdering ‘All the White People’


Why white liberals cheer jokes about their demise.

‘Skyfall’ Returns to ‘Bond’ Roots


New movie is a gift to Brits who still love Queen and country.

California CAIR: Bring Blasphemy Laws to the U.S.


Claims anti-Islam filmmaker has “blood on his hands” after Libya attack.

“Murderous Realism” Turns Thirty


Movies and Muslims, the ongoing story.

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Is It Time for ‘Make Your Own Mohammed Movie Month’?


Our freedom of speech is under siege by the international Islamist theocracy — here’s one way to fight back.

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Drawing a ‘Red Line’ to Protect Free Speech


Is the First Amendment safe in the Obama era?

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Islamic Violence Needs No Spark


A look at the mindless violence in the last few months exposes the lie that a YouTube video caused embassy attacks.

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The Rape of Christopher Stevens


Where is the outrage, let alone a spoken word, from the White House and media?

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