Obama Inc. Orders Movie Theaters to Install Technology for the Blind


Forget pivoting to the economy. Obama has finally found what he needed to be doing all along.

Conservatives Triumph at the Box Office


When Hollywood bets big, it bets on traditional values.

The Free Thinking Film Festival: It Ain’t Sundance


A film festival that really makes a difference.

American Infidel


How media can help us win the war against radical Islam.

Muslim ‘Offenses’ Are About Power, Not Words


Why, even if we removed all “offensive” cartoons and movies on the planet, members of the ‘”religion of peace” would still riot.

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10 Tough Jewish Characters in Movie and Television


Chazak Ve-ematz — Be Strong and Have Courage — are words from the Torah.

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The Ghettoization of Hollywood


Why the Academy Awards were not meant for the vast majority of viewers who tuned in.

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White Movie Heroes and Black Supporting Casts


Hollywood liberals’ approach to race issues hasn’t changed much in half a century

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