Interfaith Event Teaches That U.S. Is ‘Aiding’ Oppression


The Muslim Public Affairs Council returns to Pasadena.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Hollywood Awards Gala


How an Islamist front group is shaping Islam’s portrayal on your TV.

Muslim Leader With Long History of Defending Terrorists Claims Boston Terrorism is Not What Islam Stands For


Salam Al-Marayati compared Jihadists to Patrick Henry, denied that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations, defended the leader of Islamic Jihad in America and even defended the bombing of the Marine Barracks in 1983.

Obama Meets With Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas Groups Before Trip to Israel


ADC and MPAC’s policy proposals both urged Obama to recognize Hamas.

Obama Meets With Pro-Hezbollah Groups Ahead of Mideast Trip


President gets “recommendations” from Israel-haters.

MPAC-Linked All Saints Church: ‘Evangelical Zionism’ Is ‘Evil’


Anti-Israel Christians and anti-Israel Muslims unite.

Exposed Islamist Group Scrambles

Picture 32

MPAC forced to explain its radical record and support for terrorist groups.

Anwar Al-Awlaki’s Boss is Regular White House Visitor


Esam Omeish, former head of the Muslim Brotherhood-created Muslim American Society, visited the White House three times. Omeish personally hired the late terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki to be the imam of Falls Church, VA, Dar al-Hijrah mosque. More terrorists have been linked to Dar al-Hijrah since 9/11 than to any other mosque in America.

All-American Muslim?


A spokesman for “mainstream” Islam endorses Hezbollah and tells Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI.

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MPAC Hosts Terror-Supporting Islamist From Tunisia


“Moderate” Muslim group praises Rachid Ghannouchi.

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