Robert Spencer vs. Mustafa Akyol


Can a Muslim who endorses the Jihad Flotilla be defined as a “liberal” Muslim?

When Free Speech Wins


Is Robert Spencer’s lecture at Florida State a sign of things to come?

Muslim Law Students’ War Against Free Speech


What happened when one student invited Robert Spencer to Florida State.

Is There a Moderate Islam?


Where is the version that instructs believers not to wage war on unbelievers?

Behold the Dogmatism and Vitriol of the Anti-Muslim Right

Demonizing Islam is as unwise and unhelpful as it is unnecessary and uncalled for.

Does moderate Islam exist? A reply to John Guardiano

Over at the NewsReal blog they’ve been arguing for several days, while I was flying through the air in a tin can, giving a talk, flying elsewhere in another tin can, etc., over whether or not I am right about the non-existence of moderate Islam. And so now it is time for a Marshall McLuhan [...]

David Swindle’s Complaint is a Diversion

David Swindle criticizes John Guardiano’s blog post not on substantive grounds really, but because, Swindle argues, John Guardiano is too mean and uppity. But wouldn’t we all be better off if instead we argued about the sum and substance of the issues raised by Guardiano?