Jew Hatred on Campus

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David Horowitz and an esteemed panel speak on fighting the cancer infesting our universities at the West Coast Retreat.

Islamic Jihad Comes to Campus


Student hate groups bring their genocidal agenda against the Jews to our universities.

Washington University Bows to Muslim Pressure over Bin Laden Costume


MSA members related how the photo was an emotional trigger for them

The Brotherhood on Campus: Your Tax Dollars at Work


The National Endowment for the Humanities’ disturbing funding activities.

Open Letter to the UC Regents


Sign this open letter and petition the UC regents to stop this outrage.

The Muslim Student Association and the Boston Terrorist Connection


The common interest that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the MSA shared.

Islamist Legal Project Calls for Shunning Muslims Who Warn Police of Terrorist Plots

My Jihad

The proposal to shun Muslims who act as good New Yorkers, rather than as good Muslims reveals the bad faith of the Islamists.

Inside the Muslim Student Association Conference, Part 2


Radical speakers take the stage.

Inside the Muslim Student Association Conference, Part 1


A Muslim Brotherhood spinoff group trains student activists.

Depictions of 9/11 Now an Islamophobic Hate Crime in New Jersey

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The MSA has always argued that its attacks on Israel are political and protected by free speech. So when the MSA depicts Israel as a Nazi state and terrorists as heroes, it is practicing free speech. So why is a picture of the worst Muslim atrocity in American history a bias incident?