MSNBC’s Apartheid Convention Coverage

Perhaps some producers at MSNBC feel that if they don’t show minority Republicans, they will just vanish into thin air. Or perhaps they think that their viewers are gullible enough to accept that there are no black Republicans, if they don’t see them on MSNBC.

MSNBC Host on the War on Terror: America Needed a Racial Enemy


Melissa Harris-Perry argues that 9/11 gave the U.S. the opportunity to wreak violence against an imaginary adversary.

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Al Shameless


Same old Sharpton, same old leftist projection.

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I’m Bin Laden and I Approve This Message


Captured documents reveal al-Qaeda’s plan to exploit American media.

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Olbermann Versus Gore


Two leftist icons butt heads.

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Rachel Maddow and Michigan’s Poor Blacks


The fact-challenged MSNBC host ratchets up the outrage.

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Chasing the Great White Whale of American Racism


How many racist witch-hunts have to be proven false before the Left loses all credibility?

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Pat Buchanan: Anti-Semite


Why the former MSNBC fixture is no conservative.

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American Tyrants


Why the American Left is not, and never has been, populist.

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Liberal Media Brainwashing


If the public doesn’t know the facts, how can elections be fair?

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