Who Should Be Held Accountable for the Benghazi Cover-Up?


How administration higher-ups set their subordinates up for the fall.

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A Good Progressive War


What opponents of the Iraq war think a good war looks like.

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Why Libya Is Headed Back to Tyranny


And what we should do.

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Gaddafi Groupie


A swooning eulogy only the Left could deliver.

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The Libyan Pandora’s Box


Where did the chemical weapons and surface-to-air missiles go?

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Obama’s Libyan Disaster


New regime to introduce “radical Islamic law.”

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Libya Remains ‘Judenrein’


The Arab Spring turns into an autumn of Muslim religious persecution.

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Larry King’s Dictator Trilogy – Part I: The Malignant Narcissism of Hugo Chavez


By Karen Northon

In Hollywood, it all comes down to how well you can deliver a line, which is perhaps why so many in the land of make-believe adore the dictatorial drama queen Hugo Chavez. The whole world truly is a stage. The man is a compelling orator to those whose ideological cataracts prevent them [...]