Sisi Is Not Mubarak

al sisi

As far as Israel is concerned, the current Egyptian President is the much better man.

Obama’s Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism


Buried in documents, the facts are all there.

The Left Side of History


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Mubarak’s Prophecy on Brotherhood Comes True


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The Death of the U.S.-Egypt Alliance

Egypt protesters carry anti-Obama posters

How Obama destroyed relations with one of the Mideast’s most strategically important countries.

Morsi’s Deadline


The Muslim Brotherhood strongman clings to power as his hopes of political survival crumble.

Egypt Erupts


Anti-Morsi masses take to the streets.

Why the United States Should Stay Out of Egypt


It’s time to let the Egyptians choose their own destiny.

Egypt Erupts as Muslim Brotherhood Seizes Power


Will Obama continue to back Morsi?

The Coming Sharia State of Egypt


The darkness that ensues once Islamism seizes a nation.