The Muslim Brothers Take Over Egypt


And silence from the Obama administration.

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s Palace Coup


Obstacles in the way of the Islamist takeover of Egypt are dwindling.

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Mubarak Near Death as Crisis Deepens in Egypt


As former president fades, wishful hopes for democracy in the country are also clinging to life.

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Mubarak Verdict Roils Egyptian Election


Islamists, secularists rush to exploit the angry crowd.

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More Evidence of Egyptian Police Stripping Women?


The beating and humiliation of the “Blue-Bra Woman” may be the tip of the iceberg.

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Obama’s Assault on America’s Prestige


What Obama’s “new way forward” has meant for American strength and credibility abroad.

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Jimmy Carter All Over Again


As Carter helped usher in Khomeini in Iran, Obama is facilitating an Islamist takeover of Egypt.

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Islam’s Slave-Soldiers Return to Egypt


After Mubarak come the Mamluks.

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After the Arab Spring

the after

How Islamists hijacked the Middle East revolts.

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Gaddafi Dead — So What?

What a myopic view the Western media and its array of “experts” have concerning the so-called “Arab Spring” — a myopia that naturally metastasizes among the general public. Consider the Libyan crisis. As usual, the focus is entirely on the individual, on the tangible — the now dead Gaddafi — whom all the blame can […]