The Media’s Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam


French magazine Charlie Hebdo shows it won’t back down to Islamic violence.

Mishandling Morsi


Obama’s irretrievable mistakes.

Yusuf Qaradawi: ‘Obey the Prophet, Even If He Tells You to Kill’


What one of the most influential Muslims has to say about Islamic doctrine.

Muhammad and the Birth of Islamic Supremacism


A new book reveals how the Islamic prophet’s war on the Jews spawned the birth of jihad.

The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism


Andrew G. Bostom masterfully unveils the true story of the “religion of peace” and its war on human freedom.

Benghazi and the Oslo Syndrome


Unmasking the psychology of blaming America for the terrorism perpetrated against it.

Muhammad, the Sexual Superman


What the prophet’s insatiable libido says about Islam.

Are Radical Imams Going to Redefine Freedom of Speech?


Why we cannot allow those who employ violence to initiate a debate about the limits of free speech.

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Drawing a ‘Red Line’ to Protect Free Speech


Is the First Amendment safe in the Obama era?

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Islamic Violence Needs No Spark


A look at the mindless violence in the last few months exposes the lie that a YouTube video caused embassy attacks.

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