‘Kick in the Gut’ for Al-Qaeda Killers


Elite commando possibly killed, while Somali terror chief meets his demise.

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Brad Thor: Absurdity Heard ‘Round the World

Brad Thor, a political thriller writer, has been living more in a fictional world than a realistic one. He reported on May 10th that Taliban leader Mullah Omar was taken into custody by the Pakistanis. He went on to make ridiculous claims that both the CIA and the State Department had no knowledge of [...]

Breaking the Taliban


The capture of a top Taliban commander may mark a crucial turning point in the Afghan war.

A Spoonful of Saccharine: Geopolitical Realities No Barrier to Maddow Blaming Bush for All Problems

By now, you’ve all seen President Obama’s speech, wherein he agreed to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan (though most definitely not a surge of the kind used in Iraq and suggested by many for quite some time now, we are assured). Now, Rachel Maddow often tries to walk a peculiar line in which she [...]