Leftists Unintentionally Treat Me Like a White Person


Unlike how they treat left-wing blacks.

Remembering the Politically Inconvenient Malcolm X


What the history books leave out.

Challenging Islam’s Warrant to Kill


The price of not confronting the Islamic idea that infidels’ lives are disposable.

Remembering a Racist, Black Muslim Murder Spree


Nation of Islam offshoot targeted San Francisco whites.

Counter-Revolution and Political Murder in Putin’s Russia


Pourquoi ont-ils tué Nemtsov?

A Reflection on the Savage Execution of My 21 Coptic Brothers


As a former Muslim from Egypt who lives under threat of death for converting to Christianity, I am sickened by the barbarism of Islam.

ISIS Claims Another American


After screwing up rescue, Obama plans to leverage Kayla Mueller’s death.

Islamic Violence in Pakistan: What’s America—or Anyone Else—Got to Do With It?


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Iran Invades the ‘Forgotten Continent’

Iran's President Hassan Rohani speaks during an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Asia Society in New York

An overlooked terror infestation in Latin America.

Iranian Terror and the Death of Alberto Nisman


Killed for shining a light on the crimes of the Mullahs?