Michael Behenna: Imprisoned for Killing a Terrorist


Soldiers in combat zones not permitted the same right to self-defense as police officers.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: December 2012


Christmas is a time for fear in the Muslim world.

Lars Hedegaard Escapes Jihadist Assassination Attempt

Lars Hedegaard

Denmark’s leading Islam critic survives life-and-death struggle with gun-wielding assailant.

A Morally-Confused Marine


A perfect example of the ethical degradation leftism has wrought over the last half century.

Doing the Research the NY Times Won’t Do


When it comes to the truth about guns and violence prevention, bad journalism can be deadly.

Obama Administration Impedes Ukraine Murder Investigation


Is Hillary Clinton standing in the way?

The Blood-Lusting Hate Speech of the Anti-Gun Left


Unhinged threats of murder and violence flood social media.

Professor Grover Furr Praises Stalin, Claims He Never Committed ‘One Crime’


Public university faculty member engages in profane rant defending a genocidal communist tyrant.

“Murderous Realism” Turns Thirty


Movies and Muslims, the ongoing story.

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Christopher Stevens: Devoured by a Monster He Helped Create


After aiding the Libyan jihadists, an American diplomat ends up being tortured and murdered by them.

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