Remembering Pim Fortuyn


Ten years after his death, his country struggles on.

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Cheering Black Radical Killers


For leftists, “innocent until proven guilty” is a luxury reserved only for themselves.

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George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged


The state’s case being helped by Eric Holder, who praises racial arsonist Al Sharpton as a hero.

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Trayvon Martin and the Forgotten Dead


The victims the media sheds light on — and the victims it ignores.

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Comparing the Toulouse Killer to Israel


Statements from the European Union in wake of the tragedy go beyond the pale.

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The NYT Shilling Again for Leftwing Murderers


Judy Clark, an unrepentant violent radical, gets the red carpet treatment.

Honor Killing Adoption


British court orders adoption of out-of-wedlock Muslim baby to prevent a murder.

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Iran’s Thugocracy Attacks Again


Murder in Dubai, a prelude to war?

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Iranian Terror Plot Foiled, American Citizen Murdered


The Islamic Republic reminds us it’s an outlaw criminal state.

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Roseanne, the Red Queen


It takes a crisis to bring the Left’s bloodlust out into the open.

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