Syrian Jihadist Sheikh Who Called for Murder of Jews and Gays Gets US Visa


“All the Jewish people are combatants,” al-Nabulsi wrote

Israeli Leftists Come for Peace Talks, Get Stoned by Muslims


They came in peace. And they learned nothing.

Racist Muslim Soccer Player Nicolas Anelka Lies to Explain Quenelle Islamofascist Salute


The 34-year-old insists he was not being racist

Muslim Student Leader at SF State Fantasizes About Beheading 20-Year-Old Female Soldier

female soldier

“The only “peace” I’m interested in is the head of this f____ scum on a plate”

“Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World”


Muslims can’t even publish a sex guide without anti-semitism

Muslim Family in Israel Nearly Lynched for Looking Jewish


“They tried to pull us out of the car and hit us.”

Huthi Says Killing Houthi More Important Than Killing Jews

Jihad is all about priorities

“It does not make sense to fight the Jews as long as the Houthi group exists,” said Sheikh Huthi.

Syria Claims It’s the Only Thing Stopping a Jewish Takeover of the Planet


“To those who think this is just a conspiracy theory I invite them to read the policies included in the book of Isaiah

“We Accuse the Jews of Wanting to Rule the World, but We Expect Islam to Take Over the World”


“In my opinion, the situation has reached such proportions within the nation of Islam that it is now a national mental illness,”

Muslim Brotherhood Takes the High Road, Accuses General Al-Sisi of Being a Secret Jew


But that’s okay. Because it turns out that Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, was also a Secret Jew