Muslim Stone Throwers Attack Bus w/Jewish Kindergarteners in… Belgium


The gang surrounded the bus and started hurling rocks at the vehicle and its small passengers

Al Jazeera Senior Political Analyst Demands Reporter Show “Jewish Humility”


At Al Jazeera you get hired for being anti-Semitic.

Muslim Kills Jews in Brussels, Brussels Mayor Says City Needs More Diversity

Mehdi Nemmouche

If there’s a problem with diversity, just add more diversity.

Czech President Milos Zeman Gives Amazing Speech about Islam, Israel and Anti-Semitism

Czech President Milos Zeman in Yad Vashem

“There is a term called political correctness and I consider it to be a euphemism for political cowardice.”

Muslim Jihadist Who Fought w/ Al Qaeda in Iraq Arrested in Brussels Jewish Museum Terror Attack

49208_detail_mehdi nemmouche

Nemmouche claimed responsibility for the attack “on the Jews”.

Muslims Rally to “Cleanse” Holiest Site in Judaism of “Jewish Filth”


They called on the Pakistani Army to emerge from under the thrall of America to liberate Jerusalem.

Muslim Man Stabs Jew in Mohammed’s Name, Police Free Him


Over a hundred masked men showed up at the police station

Anti-Semitism Survey Shows Muslims More Anti-Semitic than Buddhists

Mideast Israel Palest_Kapl(4) 7

It’s hard to look at these numbers and deny the fact that anti-Semitism is spread by Islam.

CAIR Complains About 9/11 Museum’s Islamophobia, Accuses Jews of Killing Jesus

United in Hate

Islamophobia is wrong. Let’s pivot to anti-Semitism.

Imam Who Claimed 9/11 Museum Defames Muslims says Jews are a “Cancer”, “Control All the Money”


9/11 Museum would “offend our local Muslim believers”