American Jewish Congress VP: Hillary’s Israel Speech Full of Lies


“Why did you put together a charm campaign for the Muslim Brotherhood,”

Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates Murder of 3 “Korean Zionists” in Sinai


Israel attempted to offer aid, but its ambulances were refused access.

Muslim Brotherhood R4BIA Protesters in NYC Scream Anti-Semitic Slogans Outside Saudi Embassy

muslim brotherhood antisemiticm inyc

A Muslim Brotherhood speaker demands the liberation of Mecca from the Zionist Saudis.

Muslim Brotherhood in US Group Got $10,000 in Farm Subsidies


The group was able to get farm subsidies without producing crops because it is a nonprofit

4 Al Jazeera Reporters Charged w/Belonging to a Terrorist Group

osama bin laden al jazeera

Employees of totalitarian state-owned media networks are not journalists.

Secular, Liberal Egypt: We Hardly Knew Ya


The latest blunder by the political experts.

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