UK to Begin Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood


“We cannot get them for terrorism but I bet you they don’t pay their taxes.”

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Ambassador Says Critics of Muslim Brotherhood Make Fighting Terrorism Harder

anne patterson

Egypt gave Anne Patterson the boot over her support for the Muslim Brotherhood

Director of National Intelligence Lied to Congress About Muslim Brotherhood Contacts


The Muslim Brotherhood is “a very heterogeneous group, largely secular.”

American Jewish Congress VP: Hillary’s Israel Speech Full of Lies


“Why did you put together a charm campaign for the Muslim Brotherhood,”

Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates Murder of 3 “Korean Zionists” in Sinai


Israel attempted to offer aid, but its ambulances were refused access.

Muslim Brotherhood R4BIA Protesters in NYC Scream Anti-Semitic Slogans Outside Saudi Embassy

muslim brotherhood antisemiticm inyc

A Muslim Brotherhood speaker demands the liberation of Mecca from the Zionist Saudis.

Muslim Brotherhood in US Group Got $10,000 in Farm Subsidies


The group was able to get farm subsidies without producing crops because it is a nonprofit

4 Al Jazeera Reporters Charged w/Belonging to a Terrorist Group

osama bin laden al jazeera

Employees of totalitarian state-owned media networks are not journalists.

Secular, Liberal Egypt: We Hardly Knew Ya


The latest blunder by the political experts.

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