Islam and the Omaha Tri-Faith Initiative


A Muslim Brotherhood charade in the American heartland.

Clinton Aide Gets Life in Prison


Gehad al-Haddad learned all about forcing Sharia law on Egyptians at the Clinton Foundation.

Islamic Jihad Comes to Campus


Student hate groups bring their genocidal agenda against the Jews to our universities.

Christian Missionaries Created the Muslim Brotherhood?


A curious new theory on the origins of the Islamist organization.

Revived Questions about Huma Abedin

Huma and Hillary

Chuck Grassley ups the pressure on Hillary Clinton’s Islamist operative.

An Islamic Center Comes to Santa Barbara

Computer-generated model of Goleta mosque.

But where is the funding coming from?

Aiding Islamic Terrorists Is Our Foreign Policy


Obama isn’t fighting terrorists — he’s fighting us.

The Muslim Brotherhood-ISIS Connection


Another link in a long chain of related terror organizations.

Hamas and the Nexus of Global Jihad


A hub of terrorism bridging the gap between ISIS and Iran is on Israel’s doorstep.

Obama’s Pseudo-War on Terror


The disturbing implications of the administration’s renewed outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood.