Aiding Islamic Terrorists Is Our Foreign Policy


Obama isn’t fighting terrorists — he’s fighting us.

The Muslim Brotherhood-ISIS Connection


Another link in a long chain of related terror organizations.

Hamas and the Nexus of Global Jihad


A hub of terrorism bridging the gap between ISIS and Iran is on Israel’s doorstep.

Obama’s Pseudo-War on Terror


The disturbing implications of the administration’s renewed outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama Bolsters the Brotherhood


Muslim Brotherhood-aligned guests get a grand reception at the State Department.

Hijab Day at NP3 High School


The Muslim Brotherhood grabs a public charter school in Sacramento.

Duke Reverses Muslim Call to Prayer Decision


Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association behind the effort.

Pelosi to Name Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman to House Intel Committee

André Carson

It could be worse; it could have been Keith Ellison.

10 Reasons the UAE Terrorist Group List Rises Above the Rest


And puts the United States to shame.

Robert Spencer Announces Candidacy for President

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.34.33 PM

Scholar of Islam lays out his plan for American victory against jihad at Restoration Weekend.