Pro-Islamist Fake News?


CNN’s questionable coverage of the Syria crisis.

Primary Target: Iran


Time to focus on the head of the snake.

The Delusions of Caliph Erdogan

A masked member of Hamas stands in front of a banner during a protest in Central Gaza Strip

The trigger that pushed the Turkish PM to speed up the resurrection of the Islamist empire.

Something About Mohammed: Egyptian Islamists Can’t Stop Kissing Morsi

And they say there are no gays in Egypt

Is there an explanation for the outbreak of Morsi loving?

Hamas Teaching Muslim Brotherhood Members How to be Better Terrorists


Hamas also gave 400 landmines to an Egyptian militant group

The Return of Jizya to Egypt


Stage two of the Islamic purification of the country begins.

Syrian Opposition’s Spokesman in US is ISNA Member Who Supported Terrorists


Safi and a terrorism suspect mocked a U.S. order that banned dealings with foreign terrorist groups. They also said that Jews controlled the White House.

A New Muslim Brotherhood Symbol: R4BIA


The rebranding of jihad.

Egypt Now Opposes Obama’s Syrian War

Egypt protesters carry anti-Obama posters

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said Obama was seeking Congress’ approval to “immunize” himself politically

Egyptian Actor on Muslim Brotherhood: “They Sent Their Own People to Get Killed so that the U.S. Could Come and Bomb Us.”


“Before the army intervened, there were about 16 locations in Egypt, including Cairo and Alexandria, where the Muslim Brothers came out and killed people with guns,”